Extra-strong Concrete

Reflective Ceramics

Produktion av reflekterande keramik för rymdapplikationer

HIPOR Materials AB received funding from Vinnova to develop porous ceramic materials for solar reflection and thermal insulation.

Goal of the project

Demonstation of the nische of our novel insulating solar reflective ceramics surfaces in applications

Short Description

The novel porous ceramics could be produced a) molded in various shapes and geometries; b) with a thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/m.K and solar reflection > 96%; c) with a mechanical strength of 800 kPa. The processing is facile, economical and scaleable. The materials hold commercial potential in as solar reflective coatings and insulation in space industry.

Properties and applications

1-Solar reflection from the roofs: currently 80-90% solar reflection is different formulations. Our materials shows >96% solar reflection.

2-Scalable and cheap insulation without environmental impact with insulation value 0.034 W/m.K. Suitable for post insulation purposes.

3-High thermal stability, insulation and solar reflective properties are suitable for space applications.